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Egoboo uses the Quake 2 .MD2 model format for object models.

Model Limits

Character Models
Character models must have a left and right grip.
Grips are where weapons get attached to the character.
Each grip is represented by 4 vertices.
Just cut and paste from some other model and you'll be fine.
Basically the grip vertices represent a matrix.
4 vertices = x rotation, y rotation, z rotation, and translation(position).
It is kind of hard to visualize when you are looking at the vertices in the model, but you can kind of see it.
The vertex at the hand is the translation, the vertex in the positive x direction is the x rotation, etc...

Weapons Models
Weapon models must use a SPAWNLAST vertex.
It is an extra vertex that floats at the tip of the weapon.
Attack particles get spawned at this point.

Texture Limits

Model Editors

GOLEM - Open GL Model Editor - Designed with Egoboo in mind.

AZTEC - A 3d modeler which can be used to create egoboo models, not sure if it can be used for Egoboo yet

QUAKEME - Another modeler, you can download the full version here:

MDL - Quake 2 Modeler - Origial modeler used to create egoboo models. Part of the extras download at

Frame Names

The most important thing about creating a new model is to name your frames correctly.
The name consists of a 2 letter action type, followed by a the 2 digit frame number, followed by any special codes.
It looks something like KA03SP.

Action Types

Special Codes

Added a ton of information about editing models.
-- CaberneT - 24 September 2004

Grrr...... I take way to long to do stuff..... If I don't do anything here this weekend, then I will really dislike myself....
-- SpyroVII - 04 Mar 2004 (Yeah so I changed the comment! :-P)

There is only the original tutorial available here for the moment, however, out of my desire to use Windows as little as possible, I will eventually add a nice set of tutorials on using blender to create and animate 3D models with Egoboo. I know that's like using a fleet of battleships to kill a fly, but, at the moment atleast, Linux has no specialized low poly editors that are readily available, and Blender is free. I'll also be adding a QME oriented tutorial here as well, unless somebody beats me too it...
-- SpyroVII - 23 Jan 2004

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