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EgoWiki Site-Level Preferences

The following are site-level settings that affect all users in all webs on this TWikiSite. They can be selectively overwritten on the individual web level (see WebPreferences in each web), and on the user level (create preferences in your user account topic in the Main web, ex: Main.guest).

Web Preferences

ALERT! NOTE: They are typically redefined in individual WebPreferences topics

User Settings

ALERT! NOTE: They are typically redefined in topics of individual TWikiUsers

      * Set ATTACHEDIMAGEFORMAT = \t* $comment: <br />
        <img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/$name" alt="$name" $size />

TWiki Platform Settings

Email and Proxy Server Settings

Email Link Settings

Plugins Settings


      * Set HTTP_EQUIV_ON_VIEW = 

      * Set HTTP_EQUIV_ON_EDIT = 


Miscellaneous Settings

Access Control Settings

Creating New Preference Variables

You can introduce new VARIABLES and use them in your topics and templates. There is no need to change the TWiki engine (Perl scripts).

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