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A Collection of Treasure and Objects

Warning!  This page could be considered a spoiler.  It lists treasure and items as you will find them in the game.  If you would prefer to be surprised by what you find in the game, read no further.

Currently the Egobooty section is quite disorganized.  This page is just here to serve as a reminder to finish it.

Amulet of the Unseen
Amulet of Unseeing
Amulet of Channeling
Amulet of Levitation
Amulet of Fortitude
Amulet of Power
Amulet of Intelligence
Amulet of Wisdom
Bracelet of Protection
Bracelet of Regeneration
Bracelet of Flames, Tint red
Bracelet of Winters, Tint blue
Bracelet of Skulls
Bracelet of Storms
Bracelet of Strength
Bracelet of Dexterity
Potion of Healing
Potion of Mana
Potion of Strength
Potion of Wisdom
Potion of Intelligence
Potion of Dexterity
Potion of Experience
Potion of Speed
Small pouch... Throwing Stars, Dust...
Running Shoes... Speed
Trogskin Boots... Jumping
Strider Boots... Water walking
Shield of Deflection... Undo enc when not used... Sparklies...
Rustproof Shield... Rustproof
Rosary - Increase evil defense
Amulet of Yendor - Allows channel, Regeneration

Items for G'nome
Bear Trap
Satchel Charge
Six Pack o' Grog ( Cans??? )
Box of Nails

Crossbow Weapons
**Silver Crossbow, Silver Arrows, 50
**Hand Crossbow, Fast fire darts, Low damage, No stuck, 50

Longbow Weapons
**"The Speedbow", Shoot fast, 99

Sword Weapons
Rusty sword, Can't RUST, Becomes Mana Sword
"The Mana Sword", Can't RUST, Charges when owner is blocking
"Hunger", Whispers, Drains your life ( sneaky )
"Sloth", Slows you down, Slow attack, Cursed

Dagger Weapons
**"The Incisor"

Mace Weapons
"Godsend", Flashes when undead are near
"Smite", Yells at you, Black status bars

Axe Weapons
"The Bait", Drips blood

Tower Shield
"Invictus", Deflect, Enchant owner on use, Then disenchant
Old Shield, Rustproof

**Magic Weapons**
Ring of invisibility that eats away wearer's mana
Boots of speed, Run away from you
Boots of vaulting, Jump higher
Axe that bleeds
Axe that is hurled, then bounces around
Axe of wounding ( extra damage )
[BOW ]
Silver Bow
Flame Bow
Poison Bow
Bow of damage
Bow of accuracy
Bow of range
Bow of many arrows
Bow that shoots through several targets
Bow with bouncing arrows
Bow that spawns new target arrow when it hits something ( chain )
Triple XBow, Shoot three arrows then reload
Singer, Reload quickly, Shoot darts
Hammer that is hurled, then calls a lighting strike
Hammer that can only be hefted by heavy characters, Slows
Hammer of Titans ( Extra large, Increase holder size/str, Pancake )
Mace that dazes on impact
Blue crystal spear that shatters on a dragon...
Poison Dagger
Dagger of mana draining ( wound, continuous )
Dagger of berserker rage ( like a chihuahua ), PressTargetLatch...
Flaming Longsword
Golden Longsword
Longsword that knocks enemies back
Longsword of life leeching ( on hit )
Shortsword that warns of undead ( Flash Red, Make sound )
Shortsword of light ( Blue light model, Spawn sparklies )
Shortsword of Venom
Defender ( Causes wielder to block automatically, if able )
Shield of deflection, Enchant when used, Undo if not blocking
Shield of reflection, Ditto