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[Note:] More documentation is available from our Wiki here.


Welcome to Egoboo.  Egoboo is a game set in the realm of Bishopia.  King Bishop, the lord of the realm, has been kidnapped.  It is your task to find his location by gathering the Sporks of Power.  If you think that sounds a little bit silly, you're right, it does, and we like it that way.

Egoboo gathers its inspiration from the Roguelike genre of games.  However, unlike Roguelikes, Egoboo uses 3D graphics and is played in realtime.

In it's current state, Egoboo is not finished.  Do not expect a full game that easily takes you from quest to quest with many seamless features.  What you can expect is a good time crawling around in dungeons and such.  If you really enjoy the game, join our development team and help make Egoboo into something special.

Default Controls

Jump : KEY_PAD_0
Left Hand Use : KEY_T
Left Hand Get/Drop : KEY_G
Left Hand Inventory : KEY_B
Right Hand Use : KEY_Y
Right Hand Get/Drop : KEY_H
Right Hand Inventory : KEY_N
Send Message : KEY_M
Rotate Camera Left : KEY_PAD_7
Rotate Camera Right : KEY_PAD_9
Zoom Camera In : KEY_PAD_PLUS
Zoom Camera Out : KEY_PAD_MINUS
Up : KEY_PAD_8
Down : KEY_PAD_2
Left : KEY_PAD_4
Right : KEY_PAD_6

Left Hand Use : KEY_A
Left Hand Inventory : KEY_S
Right Hand Use : MOS_LEFT
Right Hand Get/Drop : MOS_LEFT_AND_RIGHT
Right Hand Inventory : MOS_FOURTH
Camera Control Mode : MOS_RIGHT

Change your control configurations by editing the controls.txt file in your base Egoboo directory.

Getting around

Move around the world using the movement keys or the mouse.  To open doors, you will need to jump on a button (usually found near the door).  Sometimes doors require keys, and sometimes they require other triggers to open (such as lighting a nearby torch).  You can also jump on platforms which may raise you to new areas, walk over tiles that disintegrate beneath your feet or encounter a variety of other obstacles.

You may come upon a mount which you can ride.  Often these mounts are invaluable to help you get past obstacles.  For instance, a Hot Dog is impervious to heat and can walk across lava and breathe fire.  To get on a mount, simply jump on its back.  Control the mount with your standard direction controls.  To get off the mount, just hit the jump button again.


During your adventures, you will find many useful items.  When you pick up an item, it becomes part of your inventory.  To wield inventory items, use the right (N) or left (B) hand inventory key to switch between items.  Hit the key once to take an item out, again to put it back and leave your hand empty.  Note, it's not always wise to put things away.  For example, if you put a lit torch away, it will go out and you may be in the dark with no way to light the torch again.

Things such as magic bracelets and rings are assumed to be worn if they are in your inventory.  Be warned, you may come upon a cursed item that will not let you put it into your inventory or even drop it.

To pick up an item, make sure your hand is empty by using the inventory button.  Then walk up to the item you wish to pick up and press the right (H) or left (G) hand get/drop key.  You use the same key to drop an item which is in your hand.


What would a game be without monsters, and what would monsters be without combat.  To attack a foe, face the enemy while holding a weapon in your hand.  Then press the right (Y) or left (T) hand use key to attack.  Depending on your weapon, you may have to be close to your enemy to hit them, such as with a sword or a mace.  There are also ranged weapons such as crossbows and spears that can be used at a distance.

If you have a shield in one of your hands, you can block attacks by holding the use key for that hand.  You must be facing the enemy to block their attacks.  If an attack hits you, you will lose a hit point.  Hit points are represented by a row of red bars in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  When your hit points are gone, you drop your items and go back to the beginning of the level (this is called going poof).


Many character classes can wield and use magic.  To use a spell, hold the spellbook in your hand and hit the use key.  If you have enough mana, the spell should cast.  Mana is represented by a row of blue bars in the upper right hand corner of the screen (just below the hit points).  Sometimes there will be certain requirements to cast a spell, such as having to be a certain level, having a valid target or others.  Experiment with the spells and find out what they can do.  The worst that can happen is you will blow yourself up.


In Egoboo, you may find a pet.  Pets can help find things, help attack enemies and numerous other simple tasks.  You can keep a pet in your inventory, or just drop it on the ground and watch it go.