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World Map and Description

Bishopia proper is located in the lush green central plains. It is populated mostly by humans. There is a thriving seafaring community along the southern coast. Many port towns, as well as pirates, can be found along the coast.

The plains are a docile area for the most part. Many farms and small villages dot the landscape. There are a few cases of wandering lumpkins around the countryside. Occasionally, an adventurer can stumble accross one of their lairs.

Also to be found in the plains are old abandoned castles and wizard towers that have been overrun by various beasties. Some quick treasure, and the occasional magic item, can be found by the willing adventurer.

Bishopia, which lies near the Northern center of the plains region, is the seat of power for King Bishop. King Bishop is the latest ruler in a long line of nobles. Recently the lands of the continent were unified under King Bishops rule. There are still some hostilities among the various lands though, old differences do not die down easily. Many different races and people have things to gain from King Bishops abduction.

In King Bishop's absence, the Arch Bishop of Bishopia has used the authority of the church to lead the continent until such time as the King is safely returned.

Elven Woods
The Elven Woods can be a tranquil place.  However, during recent times of turmoil, even the Elven Woods are not entirely immune from evil.  The Elf King, Laureatriel Swiftbow has long been a friend of King Bishop.  In recent years a band of elves, know as the Dimlock Elves, have been vying for the crown of the Elf King.  The Dimlock Elves would have much to gain from King Bishop's abduction.  Laureatriel Swiftbow would not be able to call on Bishopia's armies for support if there were a Dimlock uprising during this time of turmoil.

The Dimlock Elves have long preferred living in caves rather than trees.  Though not on friendly terms with other elves, the different elves tolerated each other until recently.  Often trading would occur between the Dimlock and other tribes.  Trade has now been cut off as the Dimlock Elves closed the door on the outside world.  It is rumored that the Dimlocks have turned to evil ways.

The heart of the Elven Realm is at Mighty Wood, the oldest and largest tree in the world is there.  Around the Mighty Wood is held council of all the woodland creatures.  Elves, Dryads, Treants and others meet in peace and harmony in this most sacred of places.  All are sworn to commit no malice to each other in this place.  Thus is peace kept here, if not in the rest of the world.

Snow Fields
The icy expanse of the Snow Fields can be a hazardous place for the unwary hero.  Giant ice creatures haunt these lands.  The only friends one might find are a few scattered villages of Vikings and G'Nomes.  In the heart of these frozen lands lies the Ice Palace, wherein is located one of the Sporks of Power.

The southern, more populated region of the Snow Fields is known as the Norderlands.  The peoples of this area relish a good fight.  Watch your back in the taverns and inns.

G'nome Lands
G'Nome technology fills the cities and mines in this otherwise desolate land.  Although the surface may seem rather bare, the underground is lush with precious metals and gems.  Along the Western border of the G'nome Lands lies an escarpment.  At the bottom of this cliff are the hot and barren Doom Wastes.

The hills and valleys of the G'Nome lands hide bands of Cobols, Trolls and Lumpkins. 

Doom Wastes
Beware the Doom Wastes.  Nothing lives is these volcanic lands but Evil.  The few human inhabitants are strong and weary of strangers.  Occasionally you may find guilds of wizards in these lands, researching some spell no doubt.  Magic is strong in these wastes, as is the presence of Demonic forces.

Lava creatures issue forth from streams of magma.  Undead animate and rally forth in search of the living.  Deep in the bowels of the Doom Wastes, the Ash Palace hides it's treasure; one of the Sporks of Power.

Great Big Desert
Dry and desolate, the Great Big Desert is the home to many poisonous snakes and insects.  The sand nomads that live here welcome strangers with open arms.  Often you may find yourself in a harem.  More often you may find yourself as lunch for a pack of jackals.   Beware the Sandwhich.

The primary export of this region is sand.  Often you will stumble across sand mines in your journeys.

Watch out for sand traps on your journey.  Be on the lookout for the Sand Palace, the home of one of the Sporks of Power. 

Stone Mountains
Many treasures, as well as many dangers await you in the Stone Mountains.  This range of mountains runs across the length of the continent of Bishopia.  Just to the west of center lies the tallest peak in Bishopia, Skully Mountain.  Atop Skully Mountain is the Shadow Palace, where you will find one of the Sporks of Power.

The peoples of the Stone Mountains are a sturdy lot, comprised of both human and G'Nome.  The G'Nomes in this region mix up a hearty snack called G'Ranola, it provides all the energy one might need to climb a mountain.