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A Tome of Magiks as they relate to Bishopia

Warning!  The Egonomicon could be considered a spoiler.  It lists spells and their effects as you will find them in the game.  If you would prefer to be surprised by what you find in the game, read no further.

Currently there is little content in the Egonomicon.  This page is just here to serve as a reminder to finish it.

Throw - Used to knock back enemies, No damage
Blink - Used to move quickly in random direction
Drain Mana - Used to stop wizards, Close range
Drain Life - Used to damage others, Close range
Missile - Homing damage
Shock - Close range radial attack, Cast ducking
Fireball - Big damage, Area effect
Lightning - Bouncing, Hit multiple targets
Identify - ID all objects in inventory
Unlock - Used to open chests, Some doors
Animate - Create a zombi friend, Sustain
Rot - Create a wight proximity mine, Sustain
Deflect - Cast on friend in range or self, Uncast
Levitate - Cast on friend in range or self, Uncast
The Unseen - Cast on target in range or self, Uncast
Unseeing - Cast on friend in range or self, Uncast
Morph - Sneak past Goblins, Open doors, Uncast
Bind - Used to stop big guys momentarily, Uncast
Wall of Swords - Fall from sky and stick in ground, Uncast
Ring of Flame - Will hurt caster, Push out others, Uncast
Enchant Weapon - Target item in other hand, Uncast, Unkurse
Disenchant - Kill undead or magic enemy

Rebirth - Return a character to life, Charge
Identify - Identify an item