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A compendium of creatures foul and otherwise

Warning!  Some of the information contained in the Egobestiary may be considered a spoiler.  If you want to be surprised by what you find in the game, read no further.  The Egobestiary is an attempt to collect information on all Bishopia's creatures, be they completed or merely in the planning stage.

Creatures, pets and npc's will all be covered in this one, all inclusive web tome.  I may come up with a color coded system for distinguishing friend from fiend if things get too confusing.  For now, it's enough work to just start assembling the pages.  Bear with me, this might take awhile.  Character classes can be found in the Egovir Libellus.

If you wish to submit a creature to the Egobestiary, email me at johnjdick@yahoo.com with a short description of the creature.  Also include a 128 x 128 picture of the creature.  Let us know if the creature is being worked on, or if you need some help with it (scripting, animating, skinning or whatever).  I reserve the right to put up only the creatures that the general community feel are appropriate for Egoboo.  If a creature is put up and there is a general outcry in the forums against said creature, expect its removal.  This means don't submit a space robot for a fantasy themed game.  Also, check to make sure your creature isn't already in the list.  Duplicate submissions will be passed around and mocked, at your expense (j/k).

If you just have an idea for a creature, but it isn't fleshed out yet.  Bring it up on the forums.  I'm sure there will be people to help you fill out your idea.

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