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What is Egoboo?

Egoboo is a top down rpg in the spirit of Nethack and other games of the Roguelike genre.  It uses Open GL graphics and will have randomly generated maps and customizable characters.  The objective of the project is to bring the fun and depth of roguelike gameplay, kicking and screaming,  into the third dimension.  It is still in development, but is at a playable state.

Will it run on my system?

Egoboo will run on many different platforms including Windows, Linux and possibly Mac OS.  It all depends on who we can get to port it.  Exact system requirements haven't been figured out yet, but it should run on most machines.

Sounds great, how much does it cost?

Egoboo is a free download.  It is being developed for fun.  You can do anything you want with it, play it, give it to a friend, modify it or burn it onto a cd and sell it at the local software store.  The only limitations are covered under the GPL.  If you are going to modify or sell the game, please read that document first.

Of course, if you want to throw money at us, we won't object.

Where can I download this marvelous game? 

We will have a new version out soon.  Right now, the most recent version that is stable can be found at the old Sourceforge site: http://egoboo.sourceforge.net/.  Also, check for further updates and info at the forums, and our new sourceforge project site.

Who is making this game?

It's a community project.  People come and go.  It was all started back in prehistory by an anonymous soul known only as Programmer X.  He turned the project over to Ben Bishop who brought on some other help and ported it from direct x to open gl.  Now we're working on a new scripting engine, random level generation and adding new creatures.  I should probably compile a list of everyone who has helped out with Egoboo, but there are just so many people.  And you could be one of these nameless souls.  If you like roguelike games, and have skills that might come in handy, drop us a line.

To see a list of credits, go here.

Why won't you go back to the good old days of DirectX?

When Benjamin Bishop (one of the original developers) originally began the port to OpenGL and Linux, it opened the project up to new developers and users. Since then, the project has acquired new goals (such as a deeper game world and more complex AIs), and the engine has progressed. A return to DirectX would mean two things for this incarnation of Egoboo: first, the alienation of users of platforms other than Windows, and second, some significant backporting -- or outright reversal -- of the work that has happened since the initial port. Of course, since Egoboo is under the GPL liscense, you're perfectly welcome to make a DirectX port yourself. As it stands, though, no such port is forthcoming.

I can't wait to see what it looks like!

Why wait when we've got screenshots, click on the thumbnails to enlarge: