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Egovir Libellus

A Text of Heroes 

The Egovir Libellus is a collection of character classes that you can choose.  Each class has their strengths and weaknesses.  The Egovir Libellus is not intended to detail all the character abilities, only give a general overview of what is available.

Adventurer:  The intrepid adventurer Character Class is a Jack of all trades, master of none.  He can wield most weapons as well as magic.  But his only specialty is in finding adventure.
Elf:  In touch with nature and magic, the elf can be a useful ally.  Though childlike in stature and strength, the Elf has a quick mind and soft feet.  Baseball Kirby.
G'Nome:  The G'Nome Character Class is short, but sturdy.  He is a master of technology.  If it whirls, clicks or steams, he can operate it.  Remember, gunpowder is your friend... unless it randomly blows up in your face.
Healer:  The Healer Character Class uses her medicinal skills and spirituality to make the wounded feel better.  Her spirituality makes her a bane to the undead.  She doesn't like spellbooks and is bound by faith to stay away from edged weapons.
Rogue:  Hold on to your purses when this Character class is in town.  The rogue has many useful abilities.  This includes the double jump, which allows him to reach heights that other classes might not be able to get to.
Soldier:  A lean fighting machine, our Soldier class is ready for any battle with broadsword in hand.
Tourist:  He's on vacation, but took a left turn at Albuquerque. He has no idea he's in danger, he thinks he's at a theme park.  He likes to take pictures of all the monsters.  The monsters just stand there in stunned silent disbelief when the flash goes off.
Wizard:  Master of arcane arts, the wizard is not to be trifled with.  He isn't very good at fighting, but give him a spellbook and watch him go.  Metal armor interferes with his spell casting ability.