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Gargoo:  These proud creatures are masters of scents.  In their forest communities, they distill and sell perfumes that are renowned around the world.  They are very territorial though.  If you happen to trespass on their land, you will find yourself choking on clouds of a less pleasant scent.
Gelfeet:  This gelatinous blob eats anything it can get it's hands... erm... slime on.  Often you can find treasure within it's translucent confines.  If you aren't careful, you may find yourself in there as well.
Ghoul:  These shambling undead just won't stay dead.  Though they keep coming back for more punishment, a cleric can release their trapped soul from this plane of existence.
Gnewt:  This creature just wants to be loved.  He will run up to you, hug you and try to be your friend.  Unfortunately, his touch is diseased in the worst kind of way.  One brush against your skin, and you will start to weaken and lose life.
Gnoll:  The Gnoll is a warrior race.  They often travel in packs, seeking to plunder adventurers for their treasure (and to gnaw on their bones).  Often, they will raid towns and take what, and who, they wish.  They like to eat small children.
Guard:  They stand watch over towns and shops.  They are usually friendly, as long as you stay on the right side of the law.
Grub Bug:  More of a nuisance than anything, this creepy crawly little pest can easily be stepped on.  Watch out though, they usually appear in numbers.  If you step on too many, their mum might get angry.
Hog:  The hog's sensitive nose will lead it's owner to treasure.  It makes a great pet for the greedy adventurer, and a tasty snack when you're hungry.
Hot Dog:  

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