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Shopkeeper:  He sells stuff.  You looking to buy?
Shuffling Heap:  The Shuffling Heap doesn't move around much.  It looks like a pile of garbage sitting in the corner of a dungeon.  If you get too close though, you will be it's next lunch.
Snow Troll:  The cold weather variety of troll is just as mean as his Troll cousin.  Snow Trolls hide in icy caverns, waiting for their supper to arrive.  You are their supper.
Sprite:  This frolicsome woodland creature likes to play tricks.  It's all in fun, though.  The Sprite is a friend to Elves and humans alike.  Often he will sell you items where no other merchant will tread.
Squiggle:  A Squidgie is at home in the water.  His large, pulpous mass can prove to be a shocking challenge for unwary heroes.
Squirrel:  Not just a squirrel, but a rabid squirrel with big sharp pointy teeth.  He makes a good pet.
Strider:  The Strider, or Ice Strider, can be found lunging over plains of ice and snow.  He moves quickly and, if tamed, makes an excellent mount.  Usually docile, the Strider can charge for a ramming attack when aggravated.
Tin Soldier:  It looks just like any other decorative suit of armor that lines castle halls.  The Tin Soldier, however, is haunted with an evil purpose.  The warmth of life is painful to this spectre.  He will attack any living thing that ventures near.
Tranch:  It's a big, nasty, poisonous spider that jumps very quickly.  Not fun.  They do have a propensity for getting squished between stone doors as they slam shut though.
Trog:  It's a frog, but much more eeeevil.  Watch out for these fiends, they usually carry spears.  Trog are usually hungry for grub bugs (yum!).  Careful around these guys or YOU might be the one to croak.
Troll:  The big nasty troll, his bite is worse than his bark.  He will smash you into a bloody pulp if given the chance.  Do yourself a favor and don't give him that chance.
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