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Acid Blob: These corrosive puddles of goo will eat at anything they touch.  They absorb into your skin and do damage as they go.
Acid Spider:  This slow moving arachnid hunts its prey by shooting corrosive acid at it.
Bakslisp:  The Bakslisp is a terrifying creature.  The main reason for this reputation is the beasts gaze.  If it looks at you, you turn to stone.
Bat:  The bat flies around, often divebombing adventurers in it's quest for shiny objects to carry around.  It may steal something right from your hand.
Beetleman:  This large insect has a very hard shell on his back.  He is best attacked from the front in order to pierce his softer belly.  Careful, he will eat just about anything... including adventurers.
Blind Spot:  
Chocobone:  An unusual mount, the Chocobone makes an excellent companion for the knight with his lance.
Clockwork:  Built by G'Nome's
Cobol:  The cobol is a mine dweller and slave master.  They only thing they love more than digging for treasure is making prisoners dig for them.  Beware the cobol whip.
Cockatrice:  Half snake, half chicken, the cockatrice is a vile creature.  His bite can paralyze you.
Crab:  This snappy little crustacean has quite a bite.  He tastes good with a little lemon and butter too.  Yummy!
Crustacean:  The big brother to the Crab, the Crustacean has a hard shell.  He is best attacked with blunt weapons.  When curled up into a ball, his shell is almost impenetrable.

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